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Protection bellows

PICARD Technologies® group has been designing protection bellows for many years.
These bellows of protection are developed with you on site or according to your plans.

In the first case. We help you you in determining of the specifications, we then move on the site to take the necessary measures and check the environment the file will then go to the design office to determine the form and the most appropriate material (s).
We can provide the bellow from the unity to the series.

There are many forms of bellows, here is an idea of ​​what we could provide.


The bellows can be mono material:
- PVC (black, white, red, blue, translucent, etc.),
- Silicone (white, brick red, translucent)
- PTFE (Teflon®) for its chemical inertness, its non sticky properties, its alimentarity or USP Class IV, etc.

or multi-materials to make them more resistant to tearing, notching, weld spatter or simply more resistant mechanically.

In this case, we can offer you several combinations of materials

Kevlar® fabric for resistance to abrasion, cut and mechanical resistance
Nomex® fabric for flames resistance, abrasion, cut resistance and mechanical resistance
Glass fabric, for its high temperature resistance and low cost compared to Kevlar and Nomex,
Polyester fabric, for a good compromise quality price ratio


More choice

Some models can be delivered with compression filters, zipper or Velcro® to facilitate assembly or reinforcements and guides.




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