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PolyTetraFluoroEthylene (PTFE) is a fluoropolymer derived from tetrafluoroethylene. This technical polymer was discovered by chance in 1938 by the chemist Roy J. Plunkett (1910-1994) working for the American company E.I. Pont de Nemours and Company often called "Pont de Nemours" and officially abbreviated "DuPont".
It was introduced commercially in 1949. It is marketed under the trade names Teflon®, Hostalen®, Hostaflon® or Fluon®.
The best-known brand is Teflon® from Pont de Nemours. It has outstanding properties that distinguish it from other thermoplastic polymers, including excellent thermal and chemical resistance, as well as an extremely low coefficient of friction. In everyday life, Teflon® is widely used as a non-stick coating in kitchen utensils.


plus frPICARD Technologies® produces several grades of virgin PTFE and food-borne, FDA, 3A Dairy Sanitary or USP Class VI.
We are able to offer semiproducts (bars, tubes, plates, sheets) in virgin or filled PTFE designed especially for you and offer you the machining of parts.




The main properties of PTFE


Positive properties

- Flexible
- Very low coefficient of friction
- Resists most chemicals
- Good electrical insulation
- Good water repellency

Negative properties

- Low resistance to abrasion
- Low PV limit
  (weight applied to a given surface x velocity)
- High coefficient of thermal linear expansion
(virgin material)
- Poor notched impact resistance
- Poor compression set resistance
(poor DRC)

ptfe poudre

To improve PTFE defects

Fillers can be added to enhance PTFE properties. The PTFE is then said to be reinforced. Some of the filled PTFEs most commonly used in various industries include :
- Glass fiber-filled PTFE (5, 15, 25%)
- Carbon fiber-filled PTFE and carbon fiber + graphite-filled PTFE
- 15% Glass fiber and 3% MoS2-filled PTFE
- Bronze and/or bronze+ MoS2 or graphite (40%, 55% + 3% MoS2, 60%) filled
- Polyimide-filled PTFE
- Ekonol®-filled PTFE
- Graphite-filled PTFE
- Other special fillers
- SIDEFLON® (Click here for technical data sheet.)

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